About the bot – TRADECRAFT.PL


Tradecraft bot's base currency is Bitcoin - it counts your profits or losses in BTC, regardless of its USD price. It uses your Bitcoins to buy and sell altcoins. Most trades conclude within an hour or two, but some may last for over a day. Some of its features are:
1) options customization,
2) statistics page that lets you compare your results with other accounts,
3) back-tester that allows you to select best settings by looking at test results on historical data.
4) settings copier that allows you to copy any user's settings.


Tradecraft has earned over 70 BTC since its release in April 2017.
It does not use leverage, so there is no possibility of wiping your account, like on leveraged markets.
Users' profits are linked to my profits by a percentage fee, so if they don't earn money, I won't make money either.


Trading future is always an unknown and even though bot was performing well in the past, that doesn't guarantee future profits.
Even though vast majority of accounts are profitable, there were few accounts that lost some money (10-15%) and they never gave chance for the bot to recover. Those who were more patient are still with us today, often doubling their BTC deposits within 2-3 year timespan, even during the downtrend.
WARNING: By applying for an account you acknowledge that there are some dangers involved in using the bot, which may result in a loss of part of your BTC capital.


Minimum required investment is 0.02 BTC. (~1,196 USD at the moment) The bot works best with deposits ranging from 0.04 up to 10 BTC. Currently, the smallest deposits are around 0.018, biggest are more than 5 BTC.


To apply for an account, you have to create and submit your API keys for a check. The bot needs rights to read state of the account and be able to trade, but the withdrawals should NEVER be turned on, for security reasons. The account may be empty (as in without BTC in the account) and initial keys don't need to even have trade rights. If you are too lazy to create API keys on your Binance before you apply, you probably just waste our time. If keys are valid, then they will be entered into your configuration and the bot will be prepared to be turned on.
You will recieve some free credits that will allow you to use the bot for free until you use them up. 1 credit = 0.004 BTC of potential profit. For deposits below 0.1 BTC you will get 2 credits. Deposits larger than that will get 4 free credits. Your free trial is not time-based, but it depends only on the fact, if you were able to achieve the target profit. You will not be asked to pay anything before that.
If account is not used for a week after its creation, it will be deleted.


It is possible to use the bot, by spending only profit it has generated. The credit packs prices ranging from 0.0045 to 0.336 BTC are tailored to match that philosophy.
To get 2 extra credits for free (4 total) you need to submit account with at least 0.1 BTC balance. If you are unlucky in the beginning and you start with a loss, you can use the bot for free until your bot recovers and reach target profit.